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RUFF RUFF handbags also have a playful side. Wherever you take them, they carry themselves with style and character. Minimal shapes with a touch of flare, edgy angles, dormant innuendos and every-day easy grip. RUFF RUFF handbags are joined to you at the hip. An island of organization in your chaotic urban environment, encased in luxury of soft leathers with a naughty spark of buckles and studs.

Isle of Dogs

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and Wes Anderson has made those canines the subject of his new film Isle of Dogs, the director’s first stop-motion feature since the warmly received Fantastic Mr. Fox. In this exclusive first clip from the film, you’ll get a sense...

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“Jeff Koons Balloons,

I Just Wanna Blow Up" . JAY-Z, photographed performing to over 85,000 fans at the closing of day one of England's "V Festival" at Weston Park in South Staffordshire on Saturday evening. His stage set-up includes a giant Jeff Koons ballon sculpture, and at the end of...

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